Story Tailor - Age old art of story telling gets a makeover

Updated: May 4, 2021

Storytelling isn’t anything new. It has been an integral part of Indian culture for generations, with each region developing its own unique style of narration.

What has changed now is the way storytelling has moved out of bedtime schedules or village chaupals on to a larger multidimensional setting. Storytelling has seen many phases through human history, from its first form, which was the oral tradition, to today, where it has taken different forms such as film, theatre, web series, photo stories and even clothing.

Weaving a tale

Stories have the power to engage, intrigue and inspire. Indian stories in the form of Panchatantra tales and others, have been around for centuries and have spread all over the world too! These stories take simple, identifiable characters and situations to teach children concepts and morals in the most joyous and memorable manner.

We, at STORY TAILOR, want this tradition to continue for centuries more. It’s part of our culture,

our rich heritage and one that gives our children the strongest values to be good human beings.

We have been truly inspired by these epics and have designed unique patterns on our baby/toddler clothing range that are an ode to these fables and the characters.

Just like we are inspired, we know they will be inspired too!

At Story Tailor, products are ...

• Made from 100% cotton

​• Breathable, soft, smooth and comfortable fabrics

• Made with skin-friendly dyes

• For kids from 0 to 6 years of age

• Designed and created in India

• Helping karigars across India

• Hand printed with interesting designs that are inspired from our famous Panchatantra stories

Everyone has a story!

​We love children. They are not only part of our lives, but also the centre of our being.

Watching their innocent expressions, raw emotions and playful ways brightens each day to no end.

Similarly, we love stories. Stories have captivated our childhood and have shaped us to who we are today. Emotions, excitement, imagination, morals, concepts… all these have been taught to us in various ways, but learning through fables has had the deepest impact!

We, at STORY TAILOR, believe that kids’ clothing should be fashionable, meaningful and comfortable… all at the same time! The soft and smooth texture of the fabric needs to be perfect for your little ones’ skin. The fit, finish and design should appeal from inside as well as out, equally! Our kid’s cotton wear clothing collection is ideal for Indian summers as the fabric is child-friendly. Children of ages 0 to 6 years will thank you for a wonderful, fashionable childhood. Casual, chic, contemporary and classic, kids will love wearing our garment to the park, to a birthday party, even to lounge around at home!

Our unique prints will shout loudly…. “Let the storytelling begin.” And you get ready to read your little ones all those great stories - and dress them in them too!

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